Les Indiennes-New York

Inspirational textile designer Mary Bergtold Mulcahy owns and runs Les Indiennes in New York. She sources printed textiles from traditional craftsmen in India. Yet despite the growth of her business, she says the production of her fabric doesn’t use any electricity in the village where it is made, create any pollution or disrupt the traditional way of life. Les Indiennes is also a Fair Trade employer for more than 50 families.

Most of the designs are traditional but Mary has created some beautiful modern interpretations.

Read an interview with her on http://www.dailyimprint.net. These photos are from the Les Indiennes website http://www.lesindiennes.com.

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It’s a wrap!

market montage 2

Here’s a little montage of some market photos and my wrapping paper design. It was a great day and pretty much all of my profits were spent on delicious locally baked rye bread, bacon buns-bulkutes, slizikai-traditional Lithuanian cookies served on Christmas Eve with poppy seed milk, sakoutis-traditional cake, Northcote honey from Plan B, jam and relish from Sausy 7, chocrocks from Ona’s Chocrocks….yummmmm. Bring on Kucios!-Christmas Eve celebrations.