AAudio Christmas Card

Xmas card idea 3


I’ve been playing around with a last minute Christmas card design for Mr B’s AAudio business. Amongst some photos I found this blurry image from a very memorable Nick Lowe + Ry Cooder concert in Melbourne back in 2009. The shapes reminded me of Christmas trees and I loved the colours against the black background.

I’m imagining they are playing one of my favourite songs and very appropriate for this time of the year…”What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding”

Happy Christmas to all!



Engadine Christmas

xmas lights

My brother and his family recently moved into a new house in Engadine (NSW) right next door to a very Christmas loving family. A little bit over the top you might say but the kids LOVE it!  And doesn’t the mitten gift tag make a lovely tree decoration. Thanks to Sharyn for the great pics.

It’s a wrap!

market montage 2

Here’s a little montage of some market photos and my wrapping paper design. It was a great day and pretty much all of my profits were spent on delicious locally baked rye bread, bacon buns-bulkutes, slizikai-traditional Lithuanian cookies served on Christmas Eve with poppy seed milk, sakoutis-traditional cake, Northcote honey from Plan B, jam and relish from Sausy 7, chocrocks from Ona’s Chocrocks….yummmmm. Bring on Kucios!-Christmas Eve celebrations.