A Card from Overseas

I arrived back in the studio today after my Christmas break to find a lovely card from relatives in Lithuania. How great are those stamps!

This year Lithuania will begin using the Euro as currency ensuring greater economic stability and trading options with European countries. A giant leap for a country of only 3 million people.



Easter Eggs

I’ve been working on a “Happy Easter” label for Orna’s Choc Rocks with modern egg decorations.

Lithuanians have a tradition of egg decorating with wax resist and straw cutouts. Natural dyes made from onions, plants and seeds are still used but brightly coloured synthetic dyes are the norm now. On Easter Sunday a celebratory lunch begins with a game of egg cracking between family members. The person whose egg remains intact at the end is declared the winner and will receive good luck over the rest of the year.

Here are some beautiful examples.

Happy Easter everyone. x



Easter card