The Island Collection

Some more pictures of The Island Collection outdoor fabrics.

Reviewing the samples with Caroline Whitty (on left), General Manager of Charles Parsons Interiors, and Judy Dymond, Design Consultant.




Silver Medal Winner

The Island Collection fabrics (available through Charles Parsons Interiors) were spotted at The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show earlier this year. Silver medal winner Georgia Harper from Georgia Harper Landscape Design showcased stools and bean bags covered in Atoll Mangrove and Cove Mangrove fabric, set amongst her beautiful garden. The pictures below are from Australian House and Garden magazine June 2016.IC promo 1.1

IC promo 2.1


Jean Paul Gaultier

I’m so glad I managed to catch this amazing exhibition at the NGV.

The creative genius of JP Gaultier, spanning 4 decades of spectacular innovation, attention to detail, exciting craziness (the mannequins), and eclecticism, was the ultimate fashion extravaganza.

The first photo shows garments referencing Mongolia and the Far East.  Standing in front is my friend and fellow textile designer Sharron Patience. The second photo shows the famous feather bolero on the left.