Happy Easter

Back at work after a lovely Easter break.

This is my gorgeous niece in her Easter bonnet. Our dyed eggs were a bit light on the decoration front but fun nonetheless. Mr B won the egg cracking game this year so will have a lucky year!


Pomegranates 2

Another bumper season of pomegranates this year. I’ve been squeezing them and mixing with fresh orange juice as a morning “burst of vitamins” drink. Delicious.

What a beautiful colour they are!



Rainbow Lorikeets

Lately a few rainbow lorikeets have been visiting us, stopping to snack on the ripe figs hanging over the neighbour’s fence. How gorgeous are these beautifully coloured little birds! I have also seen huge flocks of them feasting on flowering bottle brush trees along the Northcote railway line.




Autumn sunset

Autumn sunset in Northcote streetscape.

We were walking the long way home from a pizza dinner at Perri-Pizzeria e Cucina, which was delicious by the way, and a family of crows kowwing made us turn around to see the spectacular light show. Thanks crows!