The Island Collection

Some more pictures of The Island Collection outdoor fabrics.

Reviewing the samples with Caroline Whitty (on left), General Manager of Charles Parsons Interiors, and Judy Dymond, Design Consultant.




Rainbow Lorikeets

Lately a few rainbow lorikeets have been visiting us, stopping to snack on the ripe figs hanging over the neighbour’s fence. How gorgeous are these beautifully coloured little birds! I have also seen huge flocks of them feasting on flowering bottle brush trees along the Northcote railway line.



Green Combo

Loved the eclectic mix of green crockery at Jardin Tan, a great cafe recently opened at the Melbourne Botanic Gardens, Observatory end. Part of the Shannon Bennett stable so fabulous food and coffee. The espresso cup contained chocolate mousse capped with a dollop of passionfruit  cream…delicious!



Persimmon Tree

My dad’s gloriously colourful persimmon tree was always a heartwarming sight on a grey wintery day. Every year it was laden with persimmons, the branches sagging from the plump orange fruit. The year before last we picked 10 big bags full and delivered them to all the Greek and Italian families in the street who just love them. Panagiotis next door, would get the most bags. This was our payback for all the beautiful lemons we could help ourselves to from his tree which overhung the fence.

Sadly I no longer get to see this tree or enjoy its fruit because my dad’s house has been sold but I do have some photos to remember it and they do cheer me up when I see them.